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Speedweek - Log 5 8/12/19

Speedweek - Log 5   8/12/19

Well... Another bad day at the slat flats.  Races were running, but too rough for 'The Beast.'  The Hannemann Fiberglass  x  Hickey Speed Aero roadster sucked a valve on the first run, so we're saying, "The hell with it" for Bonneville SpeedWeek 2019. Way to much work for all of the games and negativity, but all in all, we met some great people and made lots of new friends!  Thanks to James and his 3 other biker brothers, Chris and Ted from Mumford and Sons, and Harold Hannemann and his crew.  Also Ed Fenn for his stories of trouble making...

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Speedweek - Log 4 Gourmet Meals of the Day

Speedweek - Log 4   Gourmet Meals of the Day

As you can see, we're eating like kings out here - Save any room for seconds? Had to grill up some dogs after those PB&J tortillas.

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Speedweek - Log 4 8/11/19

Speedweek - Log 4   8/11/19

We've become very patient at this point... still waiting to race. But there is good news - The track is almost dry!  SCTA says Tuesday we will be racing, but only the 4 mile (which applies to everyone). Being that everyone can only race the 4 mile on Tuesday, 'The Beast' has a very good chance to do something special!  Stay tuned on our blog throughout this whole week, as the fun is just beginning! 

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Speedweek - Log 3 Extras!

Speedweek - Log 3   Extras!

Good food, good racing, good times!   The Hickey Speed Honey Bucket - The FASTEST porter potty to hit the market!  Hey Honey Bucket!  Maybe a collaboration in the near future?    

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