Speedweek - Log 5 8/12/19

Well... Another bad day at the slat flats. 

Races were running, but too rough for 'The Beast.'  The Hannemann Fiberglass  x  Hickey Speed Aero roadster sucked a valve on the first run, so we're saying, "The hell with it" for Bonneville SpeedWeek 2019.

Way to much work for all of the games and negativity, but all in all, we met some great people and made lots of new friends!  Thanks to James and his 3 other biker brothers, Chris and Ted from Mumford and Sons, and Harold Hannemann and his crew.  Also Ed Fenn for his stories of trouble making and incredible race cars he's built!

Thank you to everyone who was kind to my brother, Ed and I, and may our paths cross again in the near future!  -  So long Bonneville... Until next time!